What is the best stretch mark removal product?

I need it very bad. I'm 17 and i've been involved in sports for a long time. My body and muscles have grown a bit to fast, therefore i've got lots of stretch marks, and yes i mean a LOT. I have them on my back, hips, biceps. I worked to hard to keep and shape and to earn a nice body, but im now dealing with stretch marks! please let me know if there are any stretch mark removal creams out there!!


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Removing stetch marks can't be done but you can make your skin more supple with coco butter or lotion with lots of Vitamin E and aloe. Stretch marks do fade and turn silver so they won't be so stark forever.

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Hiya Im skinny to. I got huge when pregnant but didn't get many stretch marks. Just round tummy, boobs and hips.
I didn't use anything when pregnant.
After pregnancy I used bio-oil stretch mark removal creams and it was ace got rid of them quick, they are there but silvery now and hardly visible unless you know they are there


Get pure cocoa butter if you can find it somewhere, they usually sell sticks in places like CVS and Walgreens. If you can't find pure cocoa butter, try using a cocoa butter cream. Cocoa butter is usually very inexpensive. Just put it on the stretch marks removal every day, and you should see them go away pretty quickly!


Mederma stretch mark removal cream is really good, but it does take about three weeks, at least in my experience. There are others, I just don't about them personally.


Try Bio-Oil. I have stretch marks and I bought a small bottle from K-Mart and after about, 3 months they started to disappear. Depending on the size of the bottle it cost me about... $13.


the best thing i can suggest for stretch marks is cocoa butter! if you use it twice a day you'll see a definate improvement. but if you can't get them to vanish completely there are actually acne products which contain fillers that help diminish stretch marks. some of these include differen retin a stretch marks removal.


well it differs, some have stretch marks that are DEEP and some have superficial ones .. the superficial marks are easy to remove,, Lierac (Phytolastil gel) this is a good gel that helps with stretch marks.. but even after they are gone u must take good care of those areas and use lotions that prevent them from returning,, but if the gel didnt work there's always laser treatment =D.

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I hate to break it to you, but if they are white stretch marks then they cannot go away. If they are red, there are expensive creams that can help, ask a doctor. My diet doctor gave me a name of a cream it was really expensive, but I forgot the name, sorry. So ask a doctor :) Hope this helped

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I have stretch marks and I do a few things to removal my stretch marks. The first thing I do everyday 3-5 times is put on coco butter. If you only can do it once a day do it before you go to bed. But you should do it more than just once and make sure you put it on after a shower. I also break vitamin E capsules and rub the vitamin E onto my stretch marks. On top of that I use a self tanner so the marks don't look as dark. I have also started eating food high in vitamin A, C and E. These vitamins are supposed to make your skin healthier overall. I have seen good results so far and I have only been doing it for 2 weeks. I also used the recipe stretch marks cream. I hope this helps.


There is no specific medical for stretch mark removal. In most cases, there is no need to see your GP about them. Most stretch marks are not particularly noticeable and fade over time.
If you have several stretch marks that affect a large part of your body, or if you are worried that they look unsightly, there may be treatments available.Many creams, gels and lotions claim to be able to remove stretch marks. These products are essentially moisturisers for your skin and are available from pharmacies, supermarkets and health and beauty shops.

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Bio-oil stretch mark removal products, I used it religiously up until about 38 weeks and got cocky, stopped using it and then woke up the next day with tiger stripes on my belly! My sister used it all the way through and got nothing! Also Cocoa butter need to continue using it after the baby is born also! Now is a good time to start

What is a good stretch mark removal cream?

If the stretch marks are new (they'll still be very noticeable and usually purplish or red), you can buy certain creams to reduce their appearance and fade them...But you can never totally get rid of them. It's pricey, but the best stretch mark cream is probably Stri-Vectin. If you can't afford that, I suggest a good moisturizer with ingredients lik cocoa butter and shea butter. Bio Oil and Mederma are also supposed to be good.

If the stretch marks are older and already faded, there's nothing that can be done, sorry.

Don't worry though, almost all of us have stretch marks and they become almost unnoticeable over time anyway.

What are good stretch marks removal lotions for men?

What i know- what works for 1, dont work for another.

then this worked for me - and we talking post-baby stretchmarks + when i was younger , thats about 6-7 yrs
its more expensive than many others, and these peopel make their own products. but they have like samples under 8-9$ i think , and you can see if is really working for you.

i got like 2 of the larger jars, after the sample- and most of my marks are preety much gone, even really old ones- i also had lots!

Which is the best Stretch Mark Remover out there?

I am 5'1 and I used to weigh about 150 pounds. I lost about 30 pounds eating healthy walking and yoga, and my stretch marks naturally went away as I lost weight. All of them, there are no signs that I ever even had stretch marks and believe me there were a lot. It did take about 4 or 5 months, but I didn't have any surgery no expensive creams or anything. Hope this helps.